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UBI SO 2018
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TestBag UBI SO Mock Tests  / Test Patterns

Test simulator has facility to simulate mock tests / test patterns

Free users can take one test per day. Subscribers can take 6 mock tests daily .

There are number of mock tests as detailed below   



Total 15 Mock Tests

UBI SO Test Simulator

Test simulator has facility to simulate mock tests / test patterns for assessment and practice of UBI SO  exams. The tests are built on extensive predefined parameters covering exam guidelines on number of questions

Each Mock Test / Test Pattern is build with following parameters

  • Total number of questions in the specific test
  • Number of questions per page
  • Marks for correct answers, incorrect answers and unattempted questions
  • Total time to complete the test.
  • Question parameters are further set keeping previous exam patterns in view as under
  • Topics/subtopics from where the question were included in the said test
  • Number of questions each topic/subtopic wise
  • Level of difficulty of questions very similar to UBI SO  Tests
  • Question types in the tests topic wise as in UBI SO  exams
      • Multiple choice
      • Common data Type
  • Mock Tests / Test Patterns also has sections with different marking patterns for each section if it is required in a particular exam


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